TSB HoloNIJI Apex Custom on December 9

48 VTubers from across hololive and NIJISANJI will participate in a historic event supported by Apex Legends publisher EA.

Team Snake Bite—the VSaikyo team formed by NIJISANJI EN's Selen Tatsuki and Holostars English's Regis Altare and Axel Syrios—returns with another round of Apex Legends action. This time, it involves an expanded selection of hololive and NIJISANJI stars from Japan and overseas.

The TSB HoloNIJI Apex Custom tournament is scheduled for Saturday, December 9 (Pacific Time) / December 10 (Japan Time) featuring 16 teams of three players each.

Not only that, but they got support from Apex Legends publisher Electronic Arts (EA), which will support the event and offer prizes for winners.

TSB HoloNIJI Apex Custom will have 3 fun game modes and 3 regular matches, open to players of all skills to join. While there is no rank limit. those who have hit masters in any season are only allowed to carry one gun.

Restrictions will be placed on teams on Games 3 (Regular Game - World's Edge) and 5 (Regular Game - Olympus) depending on their progress in their previous regular game (Stormpoint).

How Many Participants Are From Which Agency?

Most of the participants are coming from NIJISANJI (32 talents), double the size of hololive's delegation (16).

More details about the TSB HoloNIJI Apex Custom are detailed in the event announcement stream broadcast December 4 Japan time.

This tournament is another milestone in the history of both hololive and NIJISANJI, following joint efforts by both management companies' efforts to combat slander together with the Creator Economy Association of Japan.