Akuma Nihmune Reflects on Another Year of VTubing

Just before she debuts her newest single, we asked Numi her thoughts on her career now that she's a year older.

Akuma Nihmune is turning a year older this Sunday, December 11—and days before that, she's set to reveal her 3.0 model. Her new swag look also includes a retelling of her lore and a new single release.

As we put Numi into the spotlight just in time for her new album release, she reflects on another year of her VTubing career.

Happy Birthday!

NewsDrop: You've grown a year older.  How's life treating you so far?

Akuma Nihmune / Numi: Life is definitely more stressful than it was last year—but it's a good kind of stressful! I feel like I'm doing everything I've ever wanted: make people happy through content creation and just having fun with everyone. Although I feel as if I've become a crazy workaholic, haha.

New Beats

The cover art for Akuma Nihmune's "Winter Blooms" EP. (Photo handout)

You are releasing a new EP since 'Carry Me Home'. Do you think your new EP is still related to your first EP, or would you say it's a departure from your old EP?

I would say that this album takes on a much more dark and reflective turn than the previous album. With working all day, I feel overcome with a lot of emotions when I'm finally done working on stuff and thinking about everything I've gone through since starting this career and everything that led me to this point.

Because of that, this album has a lot of venting, a lot of insight into the demons I battle. I think it's very fitting for Wintertime though, so I hope the fans feel the same!

If you could give one track to recommend from the new EP, what would it be and why?

A song I'd recommend from the new album would probably be Good Mornings. It's the most uplifting song on the album I'd say.

I wrote it after thinking about the brief little break I went on where I hung out with my best friend, Bao, a few months ago. I think about my friendship with her and my other friend, Yuzu, and think about the future we have together. I love them!

“We Had a Vision and Stuck With It.”

How long did the planning take for the new outfit and model? What was the thought process of conceptualizing it?

My close friends/admins for my community and I constantly work behind the scenes on new outfits, designs, and ideas for future streams!

I would say we've been planning this new model since my previous debut last year. We had a vision and stuck with it. The initial debut got pushed back until now and because of that we were able to add even more ideas which is super exciting.


With your birthday celebration coming up, are there any goals/milestones you expect to achieve in the longer run?

I'm working on fun new ideas behind the scenes that I really hope do well in the long run. I'd like to make more things and incorporate my chat and my friends into my content and make everyone proud.

I'd also hope to reach a point where I'm confident in myself. A lot of my work is the progress of my journey and I still feel like I'm still at the beginning of it all.

My fans have helped me gain so much more love for myself than ever before, so I hope I can get to a point where I can see myself the way they see me and make them happy for as long as I possibly can.

We thank Akuma Nihmune and her manager Goobie for spending time with us for this spotlight feature.

She is holding her 48-hour subathon, which will end with an album release party on Sunday, December 11 at 1pm PST. "Winter Blooms" will be available on Spotify and Apple Music soon.