NecroNews' Elle and Booster: VTuber Couple Who's Into Video Games

Meet the duo responsible for NewsDrop's gaming coverage!

As part of our Spotlight month where we feature lots of VTubers, we decided to feature our very own colleagues, right on the heels of the Kawa Game Awards which coincide with the much-awaited awards night of this year's The Game Awards.

You have seen them provide NewsDrop's gaming coverage, so why not have them on the Spotlight as well? Meet Elle and Booster, a VTuber couple who's into games—a lot. Let's take a closer look at them.

In the Beginning, There's Love...

NewsDrop: Elle is a Necromancer. Booster is a Ghost. Does that mean Booster is much, much older than Elle?

Elle: Nope! He died early into our marriage. Don't ask how though.

How did you find out your interest in gaming?

Booster: My mom bought me a Sega Genesis when I was 4 and that was that.

Elle: I like anime since I was young, and one day I saw a commercial for Kingdom Hearts and thought that looked fun and anime, but with Disney characters so it seemed more accessible and started with that, and then tried some of my brother's games from there.

Kingdom Hearts ironically has no sentimental meaning for me though.

What's a day in the life of Elle and Booster?

Booster: Elle's a full-time vet nurse, so when she's not working 12-hour shifts, she's usually trying to relax when not needed to make content.

Elle: Booster works from home full time, but as a workaholic he's always working on something, streaming or content related otherwise.

What's your favorite game of all time?

Elle: Uncharted 4
Booster: Rez

Stepping into Gaming Journalism

How did NecroNews started?

Elle: Booster was interested in gaming journalism when he was younger. When we got into VTubing, there was a smaller game news site that he followed and came to them with the idea of making videos for them.

It didn't work out with them, but we moved that idea over to our channel!

What would you say makes NecroNews different from other game reviewers in the community?

Booster: We like to get straight to the point with a story without fluffing up anything too much. You won't see us taking 3 minutes of introspective ranting on how a gun is scary before getting to the point that a game has guns in it with realistic sound effects.

Elle: Also, we plan on being a news site that thinks about the streamer, letting streamers know if a game has a disastrous launch and not good for streaming (like Callisto Protocol). We also will be reviewing games not only on their merit as a game, but also how easily they can be streamed while keeping the game interesting.

Outside of NecroNews and streaming in general, what makes both of you special?

Elle: We're one of the only married duo VTubers you'll see, and you can tell how long we've been together just from seeing us on stream!

Individually, Booster has been described as a likable asshole and Elle's a mix of Daria and Wednesday Addams.

With the launch of the Kawa Game Awards thanks to NecroNews, are there any future initiatives we can expect from the duo?

Booster: Any big gaming events like E3 will be covered by NecroNews! And who knows, maybe we'll be the first VTubers to give you a live look of the event straight from the convention floor!

Important Piece of Advice

There's a growing number of VTubers who are commentators, whether on VTubing, gaming, or other niche stuff.

As someone whose activities include this, what would you say is the big advice you could give to these aspiring commentators?

Booster: Don't give up, don't stop uploading. Even when the world is against you (like your internet going out for a whole weekend), find a way to make content and upload it.

It might not do very well, but it shows your audience that you're going to upload through thick and thin, and that means something.

Thank you Elle and Booster for taking your time to answer our questions. NecroNews is on YouTube, posting gaming news recaps weekly. Don't forget to check NecroNews on NewsDrop.