Spotlight: KAF of Kamitsubaki Studio

Know more about KAF, the virtual singer who can be anywhere but found nowhere.

KAF is no ordinary talent. One of Kamitsubaki Studio's popular stars has reached several achievements over a span of 5 years, including collaborations with popular VTubers and musical artists.

Just before her upcoming concert this weekend, we put the Spotlight to this virtual singer who can go anywhere but is found nowhere.

"Since I sing songs in various tunes, I think the first impression can change drastically depending on which song you hear first." KAF has a lot of songs in her discography, including song covers. Her soft yet powerful voice has reached an average of 200,000 listeners on Spotify alone. "So, I don't want it to end with just one song; I hope you'll want to hear more!

"Although I may be represented as a virtual character, the inner-workings of KAF consist of a number of very human components–including myself and the team around me," the singer adds.

The year 2023 marks several milestones for the singer, such as celebrating her 5th anniversary. Until March that year, her main composer was Vocaloid song producer and singer-songwriter Iori Kanzaki.

"I think there's a lot of allure to such a complex and chaotic existence uttering the straight-forward, human-like lyrics that Kanzaki Iori creates," she recalls.

In a sea of popular virtual singers in the VTubing space, what makes KAF stand out from the rest?

"I think the emotions embedded in my songs are both good and bad. I am a person who easily sympathizes and gets influenced, so some of my songs might sound heavy for those who want to listen casually," KAF suggested.

"Also, I often draw influence from the songs created by my personal favorite singers, and there are many that I like! I am proud of my ability to try singing in their styles with my own voice."

Her "Suite" collaboration with various artists brings her singing prowess to unexpected places. The conclusion to this series is Still in Love composed by Shigeru Kishida, released a few days ago.

"The suite has just completed its first if there is a first chapter, perhaps there will be a second? I would be happy if you look forward to it in the future."

As part of her 5th anniversary, she teamed up with Japanese musician and DJ MONDO GROSSO (Shinichi Osawa) for a song titled My Voice, part of her Suite collection. KAF told VTuber NewsDrop how this collaboration worked out.

"This collaboration came together after I covered MONDO GROSSO's 'False Sympathy' in a previous live event. When I talked on the radio around that time, I felt a sort of guilt and fear about having my music heard by many and receiving feedback, and there being an image of myself forming without my knowledge.

I didn't sense this guilt or fear in Mr. Osawa, but he was very understanding when we talked about these things, which left a deep impression on me."

As we move forward to 2024, are there any milestones KAF wanted to achieve in her career as a virtual singer?

Aside from wanting to reach a million YouTube subscribers this year, she wants to reach others overseas. "I want to challenge myself with songs in languages other than Japanese!"

To conclude, what's the future for KAF in the next 5 years? "After the major event 'Kamitsubaki Yoyogi War', I still don't know what will happen to me, but one thing is clear for the next five years, I will sing a lot! I would be happy if you continue to watch over me."

KAF will be performing alongside her group Virtual Witch Phenomenon (V.W.P.) at the Kamitsubaki Yoyogi Wars 2024 this weekend at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

The first day will have the whole V.W.P. cast (KAF, RIM, Harusaruhi, Isekaijoucho and KOKO), while KAF marks history as the first virtual singer to have a solo arena performance the following day.

Among the guest for KAF's "KAIKA" concert include hololvie English star Mori Calliope and voice actress Ayane Sakura.

Streaming tickets for the following are available here:

Special thanks to Kamitsubaki Studio for the interview opportunity