V&U Debuts Oracle Generation

Check out the newest generation of V&U Talents—each with their quirky story of how they came to be.

South Korean VTuber group V&U (Virtual & Universe) has already debuted its third-generation talents, the Oracle Generation, last August 4, Friday.

Suri Solari, Echo Lyne, Cyon Hart, Kagekiri Maeve, and Meeta Osita have already impressed audiences, with most of the talents already having 10,000 YouTube subscribers.

  • Echo Lyne has an odd appearance of an SD Card which wants to dominate humanity. Echo resides in a broadcasting humanoid, sitting as the generation's fearless robot leader who has her own pledge of allegiance.
  • Sun Goddess-slash-Dragon Suri Solari woke up from a long hibernation only to find herself transformed into the body of a young child, in a world which had gone through massive changes. Prior to her entry into V&U, she dabbed into esports.
  • Top-level ninja Kagekiri Maeve—currently the most-subscribed as of press time with a 13,000 fanbase—broadcasts as a high school girl through the phone she found inside a bag which she picked up. We understood that this is also part of her mission.
  • Raccoon-world thief Cyon Hart realized she's not fit for the circus. She directly said that despite liking Kaleido Star, she ended up parkouring through buildings instead.
  • Witch Meeta Osita has a general store which got slowly affected by changes in consumer norms, so she decided to adapt using the latest tech available and sell her items online (which is really kind of familiar, honestly speaking).

V&U's Oracle generation joins other fellows Symphoria (Liora Walkyria, Penelope Wiseman, Yurikago Kokone) which debuted April 2022 and Solstice (Amoria and Amano Serafi) which debuted last March.

The agency has already concluded audition applications for its 4th generation, dubbed as "HELLø Land".