VReverie Responds to Concerns About Agency's Stability

Singaporean VTuber agency answers questions regarding the state of their company and addresses concerns regarding departing talents

This week, Singapore-based VTuber agency VReverie revealed that three of its talents will graduate this March - and one of the talents were revealed to be graduating prior to her proper announcement.

VTuber NewsDrop has sought comment from VReverie regarding the status of the agency, why are the members leaving, would this affect their 3rd Generation auditions moving forward and what are the steps they are taking to prevent talents from leaving.

VReverie management - in an email response sent early morning of February 28 - began by addressing their assistance towards its talents:

"Throughout the time our talents have been with us, we have supported them in their ideas and given them reasonable resources to aid them in their content creation."

However, they admit that there are miscommunications within the agency.

"That is not to say that everything was without issues. There have been times where there have been misunderstandings and when things were not communicated in a timely manner."

When asked why the talents are leaving VReverie, the agency answered this:

"There was also a misalignment of what the talents expect from an agency. We have taken steps to negotiate and discuss with our talents to make changes that would better the situation.

"While changes were made, some of the talents felt that the change was not enough within the period of time and have decided to leave, of which we respect their decisions."

They told NewsDrop in writing that they are set to make a statement shortly, which is now released a few minutes after this story was posted:

NewsDrop also checked on the status of its 3rd Generation audition, but they are unable to provide comment on this matter at this time.

Currently, they have Salmon Lordette and Nova Aokami in their talent roster. We asked VReverie what are the steps they are taking to prevent current and future talents from leaving the agency.

"We are committed to changing things to better support and aid our talents, present and future. With changes being made and more change to be done in the future.

"We are unable to provide details regarding the specifics of the change due to the ever-changing needs and demands of both the industry and the talents."