WACTOR Rebrands Anew as 910inc

Hizuki Miu will return to streaming after an indefinite hiatus; new company also signs in former Vine creator as ambassador

Discredited VTuber agency WACTOR has turned over a new leaf as it re-establishes itself as a new agency under the name of 910inc (read as Cute Inc.).

Its new website, 910inc emphasizes its past achievement of producing multiple livestream talents with 100,000 followers since its establishment as WACTOR six years ago. It also leverages on the linkages it signed including a partnership with Nippon TV subsidiary ClaN Entertainment.

In a press release, the new agency will sign WACTOR talent Hizuki Miu as an independent individual. This marks the return of Miu, who currently has 200,000 YouTube subscribers, into streaming this March, around 8 months after taking an indefinite hiatus last June 2023.

The new agency laid more details regarding Hizuki Miu's new contract arrangement: 

  • Miu is set to receive 100% of profits from YouTube live, fan club, crowdfunding and voice sales.
  • She is also given permission to continue using social media accounts under the name Hizuki Miu; as well as illustration, Live2D, 3D model and original song data.
  • Actvities will now be at the sole discretion of Miu as she participate in the 910inc multi-channel network (MCN), and use 910inc as an exclusive point of contact for projects and the like. The new agency will also collaborate with others as appropriate.

Hizuki Miu opens the floor for questions from her fans regarding this announcement, which will be answered on her return stream on  Saturday, March 23 at 9pm Japan time.

In addition, 910inc also signs Aikatan, a creator who was previously known for her clips on the then-popular Vine app and has appeared in a few events and performances. 

Applications for active VTubers who want to be part of 910inc are open, but new VTubers who need a certain amount of budget for their debut may have a different contract.

Earlier this January, WACTOR announced the debut of a new male singer, Tenjo Yuiga. However, they also said that auditions are temporarily suspended.

This is not the first time WACTOR rebranded itself, as it tried to regroup its divisions into different projects last year.

Source: WACTOR via PR Times / 910inc website