Whale Taylor Establishes Music Production Company, Debuts VTuber Lineup

"Infinity Goal" will be focused on blending live streaming activities and doing more music-related projects.

Japanese indie VTuber Whale Taylor has announced that he is establishing his own music production company called Infinity Goal Music Production. Effective as of this writing, Taylor will also serve as the company's own president.

In the days that followed the announcement, Infinity Goal has also unveiled three new members: Corni Co Corni, Nelson Squirrel, and Halleyah Haven.

(From Left to Right) Corni Co Corni, Nelson Squirrel, and Halleyah Haven.
My desire to work together with passionate people to reach the top of the world has grown stronger throughout my musical career. We have already determined the comrades who share this vision. As VTubers, the members of the company will convey their passionate thoughts to you through music and live streaming activities.

It is worth noting that their talent Halleyah Haven has released his debut song titled The Straight, with PENGUIN RESEARCH's member Kanda John helping on the music production and arrangement.

Whale Taylor is most popular for doing covers of English songs from artists such as Air Supply, Maroon 5, Whitney Houston, Bon Jovi, among others. He has released a total of three original songs namely Catch You Later, You Made It Happen, and more recently Hello.

Whale Taylor is the VTuber persona of popular Japanese singer-songwriter MEGATERA・ZERO, and is the vocalist of rock band Mr.FanTastiC. He debuted his VTuber activities on September 2022.