MusicDrop: XANDER on Reconnecting With a Lost Loved One With "Another Us"

Only on NewsDrop: lucid's XANDER explains creative direction for "Another Us", weighing in based on personal experience and his VTuber lore.

Words, more often than not, are not enough to convey the loss of a loved one. But sometimes, in our own unique ways, we find also comfort in words that we sew together as a way to pay tribute to our loved ones, and even wishing that through some divine intervention or deity, we will be given the chance to reunite with them once again.

This is the message of "Another Us", the latest single from lucid Multimedia's XANDER. This is his third original song following "dead cupid" and "SBD", and the first original song he did under lucid following his transfer from now-defunct RealCorp VTuber agency.

NewsDrop had sought another opportunity to speak once again with Xander following the release of "Another Us" and reflecting on his choice for the lyrical direction of this song, even if it is primarily from a creative point of view.

The Concept for "Another Us"

First off, congratulations on the release of "Another Us"! Being this your first original song since you joined lucid, what were some initial plans you did in coming up with the concept for this song?

XANDER: Thank you so much! This song was initially written and developed to accompany my 2.0 debut lore.

In it, after having gone through a series of traumatic events and experiencing grief and loss, 1.0 Xander tries to reclaim everything that was taken from him—however, [he] finds that while he cannot turn back time, he can fabricate another reality where he and his loved ones are happy at the cost of his current life. Thus, "Another Us".

You mentioned briefly that the song aims to "convey the story of losing a loved one". Is there a deeper and personal reason why you angled the lyrics of the song on this message, or was it more of a creative choice?

XANDER: I have experienced the loss of loved ones in my life, however I wouldn't say that was a primary driving force in the composition of the lyrics. I definitely would say it was more of a creative choice!

Ideally when writing the song I wanted the lyrics to tell the story of the lore, but at the same time be relatable to any listeners who would not have seen the lore video.

This resulted in an iteration of the theme being about the concept of "losing a loved one" in comparison to a more direct theme of "Xander losing Battacus."

Comparing "Another Us" To Xander's Discography

What would you say is the biggest difference of "Another Us" compared to your other original tracks "dead cupid" and "SBD"?

XANDER: Purely in terms of genre classification, "Another Us" is a soft ballad while "SBD" is pop-punk and "dead cupid" is more of a ballad/rap hybrid!

I do however want to go deeper and say that the main difference for me is in theme and message. "SBD" and "dead cupid" are songs more about a downfall of a relationship in a romantic sense, where one or more parties was at fault.

"Another Us" is about the loss of one or more persons important to you due to circumstances that were inevitable. The emotional relation for listeners is much more tied to their experiences in these areas—and the wounds from losing someone to factors outside your control are wounds that are much more difficult to recover from.

Were there any challenges you faced in creating this song, given that you have a persona separate as Xander as a music artist?

XANDER: Not at all! Compared to my release with "SBD" which was pushed for a label release under my separate persona and denied, I actually had some of my colleagues from my label help me with planning and composing "Another Us."

Inspirations and Meaning

Who would you say are your main musical inspirations for this track and why?

Xander: I'd say that at the time I was writing this song, I was heavily influenced by artists such as keshi and Joji, among many others. The progression of the guitar in particular I would say I modeled after "less of you" by keshi to give that soft, somber feel.

These artists are known very well for their songs that reflect sadness, grief and loss, making them the perfect examples for me to structure my song around!

If there is one word that best describes 'Another Us', what would it be and why?

XANDER: It's very hard to sum up a song in one word, but the best word in my opinion would be "redemption." The song is all about another reality where the mistakes you made and the things you've lost are forgotten and you have a chance to start over again.

Is there any message you'd like to say to your fans regarding this new original song from you?

XANDER: I know that sometimes it is hard to let go and you always wish for more time for that special person that you've lost, or persons. I want you to know that it is okay to want that and it is okay to take your time healing.

It's okay to dream about it and let yourself be haunted, because that is all part of the process. Just remember that people are never truly gone—for as long as you keep them in your memory, their story will continue to live on through you.

We thank the team at lucid Multimedia for making this interview possible.

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