Brave Group Announces First English Project 'V4Mirai'

This marks Brave Group's expansion into the United States and its first foray to the English-speaking community.

The Japanese VTuber company Brave Group has announced V4Mirai, the company's first foray in launching a VTuber project dedicated to English-speaking audiences.

The new talents are Abi Kadabura and Serina Maiko. Together, they will be debuting on June 10 at 9:00PM (EST). The V4Mirai project is handled by Brave Group US Inc., the US-based subsidiary of the Japanese company. They are currently registered and based in San Francisco, United States.

Brave Group has been massively expanding its portfolio of endeavors outside of the Japanese market. More recently, the upcoming VTuber convention OffKai Expo announced that Brave Group is one of the many VTuber agencies to be present at the upcoming event on June 16.

The company previously raised ¥300 million in funding (~US$2.33 million) from Hong Kong-based venture company Animoca Brands. Said funding will strengthen Brave Group’s Web3 initiatives, further grow the company’s multiple businesses in the metaverse space, and accelerate global expansion.

Other overseas-related endeavors from the company include the appearance of Riot Music's sub-label Meteopolis at the Los Angeles Comic Con on November 2022, appearance of Riot Music's Yuka Nagase at the AFA Singapore event in September 2022, and Riot Music's partnership with MyAnimeList on August 2021.

Meet The Talents

The two new talents are part of V4Mirai's first generation called Crystalis.

Abi Kadabura

Trainee Magician Abi Kadabura may have a long way to go before mastering those ancient mystic scrolls, but give her 10 seconds and anyone will keel over in a fit of laughter.
While she hails from some techno-magic future, Abi’s comedic stylings are presently world class, taking as much influence from honed performance art and tight stand-up comedy as the cacophony of  frantic Gen Z internet humor. Let her cast you a spell and tell a joke while she’s at it.

Socials: YouTube, Twitter

Serina Maiko

Princess Serina Maiko comes to us from a distant kingdom, one she ultimately chose to leave behind in pursuit of her truest loves; Dance and Singing.
A wonderfully pleasant and  down-to-earth personality whose lush voice lulls the listener to their own happy Kingdom. Whether they’re talking up their favorite anime, K-Pop groups, or skincare routines, or serenading a full royal court, she’s always a treat for the ears; Truly a soul made for the stage, not someone meant to be dwelling in a castle.

Socials: YouTube, Twitter

Source: Official Press Release