Gamers Outreach Raises Nearly $500k in VTuber Summer Slam 2023

Gamers Outreach's VTuber Summer Slam 2023 broke records with $484,704 being raised for charity across four days.

Top streamer charity Gamers Outreach has once again racked up huge numbers with a VTuber-specific charity event, nearly breaking the $500,000 barrier in the four-day VTuber Summer Slam 2023.

The charity event, bringing together thousands of VTubers across June 21-25, saw the community raise $484,704. This was double their first VTuber Summer Slam in 2022, which capped out at a still bewildering $235,018.

More than 1,000 individual fundraisers were held. VTuber Nyaru from Shirayuri Production raised the largest single amount with more than $12,000. Her original goal for the weekend was $3,500, enough to fund one GO Kart module Gamers Outreach installs in hospitals to give joy to sick kids.

“The Chuuzer community really came out today,” she said on Twitter. “Thank you so much for exceeding our goal by 300%.”

Bao and ZONE each also raised more than $5,000 individually in the Gamers Outreach VTuber Summer Slam 2023, rounding out the podium.

The average fundraiser value was $442, showcasing how many contributions, big or small, were made by the VTuber community.

Gamers Outreach states it’s a charity that empowers hospitalized families through play.

“Our goal is to build a world where activity is easily prioritized as part of care. Video games are our tools of choice.”

It supports more than 390 hospitals across the world⁠—mostly in the United States⁠—with the VTuber Summer Slam going towards funding GO Karts, a portable video game kiosk built specifically for hospitals.”

According to Tiltify, the streaming community has raised well in excess of a million dollars for the charity through various events.