Ironmouse Breaks Her Own Twitch Record in Second Subathon

Ironmouse has broken her own Twitch subscriber record during her second subathon, and isn't stopping now.

Ironmouse made headlines and broke records last year in her first subathon.

The trend, inspired by Ludwig Ahgren, saw tens of thousands donate to the VShojo VTuber in droves in early 2022. She was kept on stream 24/7 for 31 days, reaching (then) third in the all-time Twitch sub ranks with 171,818.

So when her second subathon kicked off on June 1, that was an easy goal in the sights of Ironmouse.

However, the speed she did it at even outranked the last run, breaking the barrier on early on June 27 local time. She did it while on stream with Haruka Karibu and AICandii, who screamed in celebration along with VShojo’s demon queen.

“We did it bros,” she later wrote on Twitter. “We crushed last year’s record! I love you guys! Thank you for all the incredible support and thank you for watching! Today has been a magical day!”

Ironmouse’s second subathon has been full of massive moments already. She’s been taken on a trip to Disneyland thanks to Connor and the rest of VShojo, had a Dungeons & Dragons collab with DEMONDICE, and even kept up her regular run of content like Speak of the Devil, dragging on Pomu Rainpuff in the latest installment.

Earnings from the subathon are being split between Ironmouse and her charity of choice, the Immune Deficiency Foundation—100% of donations and merch proceeds go to the IDF during the subathon, while 50% of sub revenue will be split with the charity.

The subathon still lives on though. The new goal? Coming for Ninja’s #3 spot of 269,154 subscribers. And she promised a big prize too: “If we make it back to number three, I will do the ASMR shower request.”

At the time of publishing, Ironmouse sits at 174,000 subscribers with just under 10 hours on the clock.