Liliana Vampaia Takes Stream Break for Studies

The pioneer MyHolo TV talent is expected to return after two months from the time the announcement was posted

"Do not be afraid of white paper," Liliana Vampaia assures her fans (called tomato-sans) as her agency MyHolo TV announced her two-month stream break for her studies.

The break starts from the date the announcement was posted (January 4, 2023) and she is to tentatively return to streaming activities on March 1. The announcement reads that Liliana "will be furthering their studies and would like to take the time to adjust to her new location and schedule."

The Malaysian agency commits to ensure that their talents' health and needs are their top priority before proceeding with any livestreaming activities.

Following Liliana's stream break, fans can watch other talents Lunaris Urufi and the TRIDOXA trio of Woozie Wannai, Karrot Keromi and Liola Lightbringer.

Some of Liliana's achievements over the past year include a partnership with for a 3D meet and greet at Comic Fiesta 2022, her appearance at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2022 and the release of her Chibi 3D model to the public.

Source: MyHolo TV on Twitter