VShojo's Matara Kan Debuts on Twitch

Here's what you need to know about the newest VShojo member.

VShojo's newest member, Matara Kan, has made her Twitch debut October 16 Japan time.

The intergalactic cockroach described as the "World's Most Resilient VTuber" has quitted acting lore-wise, as she starts her career on "Twitch Television" switching from "Adaptation to Human Habits thru da Arts" (AHHA) to "Humanity Educated thru Human Engagement" (HEHE).

In a rare moment for a VTuber debut, she proceeds to have a pre-recorded therapy segment on stream. Here, we learn more about her goal in the talent-first agency: "I have overworked myself previously, and I am trying to have a good work-life balance."

Matara Kan will be focusing first on solo content, karaoke parties, eating, talking, and collaborations with other VShojo members. She will also be at TwitchCon Las Vegas this weekend (October 21-22) for meet & greet sessions. Her book club will be launched 2 hours after.

Kenkou Cross, who created the Monster Girl Encyclopedia series, took charge of Matara Kan's character design.

After the debut stream, VShojo's newest talent released a secret song cover, revealed as a remix of DECO*27's Zombies and Rob Zombie's Dragula.

She follows VShojo's first male member, Kuro Kurenai (K9KURO) who debuted September 30.