NIJISANJI EN Debuts 3 New VTubers this October

Meet Claude Clawmark, Victoria Brightshield and Kunai Nakasato starting October 27 PDT.

NIJISANJI EN announced three new VTubers who will debut this weekend: cleric Claude Clawmark, swordmaster Victoria Brightshield and kunoichi Kunai Nakasato.

  • Claude Clawmark (クロード クローマーク) studies magic as he provides healing to visitors using his "big magic claws." (Birthday: January 22 / X Profile)
  • Victoria Brightshield (ヴィクトリア ブライトシールド), or Vivi, sets out on an adventure by herself. She inherits her family's magical armor, helping those in need while honing her sword skills. Vivi thinks of herself as a 'doodleist,' sharing her first set of scribbles on X. (Birthday: March 18 / X Profile)
  • Kunai Nakasato (中里 苦無) dons a magic mask which hides her true identity. Night after night, she protects the city's peace. She was eventually named after her Kunai weapons. (Birthday: July 9 / X Profile)

Prior to this, NIJISANJI teased a photo on X, which eventually describes the three new VTuber talents:

Kunai will be the first to debut at 7:10pm PDT, followed by Victoria at 7:40pm, and Claude at 8:10pm. Their group name is yet to be known at this moment.


The virtual livers' debut program to be streamed on YouTube will be hosted by Luca Kaneshiro (Luxiem) and Maria Marionette (ILUNA):

Also announced is their welcome voice and goods packs, available for purchase on the NIJISANJI store.

The three new VTubers from NIJISANJI EN raise the agency's overseas division talent count to 37.

Source: NIJISANJI Press Release