PixelLink Unveils 1st Gen Lineup of Gaming VTubers

The first generation of PixelLink talents consist of Nebi Nebu, Raki Kazuki, Miuna Usako, Lottie Shinju, and Chiaki Katsumi.

PixelLink, a US-based gaming-centric VTuber agency, has announced the lineup for its first generation of talents. The talents, set to debut on June 16, are composed of Nebi Nebu, Raki Kazuki, Miuna Usako, Lottie Shinju, and Chiaki Katsumi.

The debut trailer was animated by the Mochi Kaeri team, with Momo_Renn serving as the director for the trailer, and Yoshi Kirishima serving as the producer and chief animation director.

The Mochi Kaeri animation circle had also previously worked with animation for several anime titles such as IDOLM@STER VOY@GER and Kizuna no Allele, as well as working recently with the animated debut trailer for idolune EN's "Endless" generation.

We're absolutely thrilled to introduce our first generation of talents. Our company, having a focus on gaming content, is one of the only of its kind in the English market and as such we think this could become something truly big.

Our partnership with industry veterans, such as Illusion Ryuvil, our lineup of famous artists, and our selection of incredibly gifted talents will enable us to truly make our mark in the gaming and VTuber space.

Our agency and all its members are grateful to have been given this opportunity to be a part of such a new, revolutionary medium of expression, and we are all looking forward to what is to come in the near future!

(Statement From PixelLink CEO Tora-P)

Meet the Talents

Nebi Nebu

A captivating galactic alien on a quest to charm and conquer the Earth. With a bewitching charisma that transcends dimensions, Nebi Nebu is set to invade not just our planet, but the hearts of every global viewer!

  • Despite her techy alien look, one could describe Nebi as having a "gremlin energy", evident with her recreation of the infamous "Oh my Gah!" anime meme and even the "Skeddy noodle" meme.

Debut Time: June 16, 4:00PM (PST)
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Raki Kazuki

A raccoon girl with a magical touch! Inheriting the mystical mantle from her former witch master, Raki has clumsily transitioned into her new role, blending the enchanting sorcery of song with her unique, playful charm.

  • No one has dared to ask "what does the raccoon say?", right? Well, fear not because Raki has offered to give us viewers a sample of what raccoons sound like: and it's glorious (well, mostly growls to be honest).

Debut Time: June 16, 5:00PM (PST)
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Miuna Usako

Once an ordinary bunny toy, Miuna has been magically brought to life. Bursting with irresistible cuteness, Miuna is ready to hop into the hearts of her viewers!

  • Debuts haven't even started, yet Miuna was already eager to showcase her voice through a short cover of YOASOBI's Idol. And despite being a rabbit (who stereotypically loves carrots), she loves bread instead.

Debut Time: June 16, 6:00PM (PST)
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Lottie Shinju

An axolotl princess brimming with regal allure and a bubbly personality, Lottie strives to spread positivity in the human world and share her aquatic adventures with you all.

  • Were you aware that axolotls 'make' these types of noises? Jokes aside, don't be fooled by her gentle presence, as she can easily ratio you in any type of online situation.

Debut Time: June 16, 7:00PM (PST)
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Chiaki Katsumi

Distinguished for her formidable hacking prowess, Chiaki Katsumi is more than just a master of the digital domain, but is also the official mascot for PixelLink!

  • In a lighter note, Chiaki's appearance has been likened to a kitten--even she recognizes such comment. And for some reason, this 'formidable hacker' remains stuck in an era: Window XP era to be specific.

Debut Time: June 16, 8:00PM (PST)
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Source: Press Release · Updated June 15, 2023 with proper citation