PRISM Project Debuts 6th Generation Talents

Welcome the project's first male talents—Jun Akane and Yuki Kitashiro!

As of April 2024, PRISM Project no longer operates as a VTuber agency. The original story continues below.

PRISM Project, part of Sony Music Entertainment Japan's VTuber umbrella, debuts its first male agents—Jun Akane and Yuki Kitashiro—this weekend, June 9, 2023, more than a month since its latest talent debut.

Jun Akane (left) discovered four magical stones following a chance meeting with a mysterious bird, leading him to overthrow pirate lords terrorizing his island.

  • The pirate captain—who was longing to escape from his life on the streets—raided and plundered the seas, but soon realized that he lacked the greatest treasure of all: Friendship.
  • Design: Hiyori Asakawa / Live2D Modelling: be-quest, INC.
  • He said he's "kind of an epic gamer," and then proceeds to show clips of him getting defeated.

Yuki Kitashiro (right) is a prince of a cold, icy northern kingdom who was identified to have magical talents at a young age. He found himself pressed into services not as a diplomat-in-training or a great general-to-be, but as a child assassin.

  • The prince was a subject of rumors for what he had become; and as rumors of his ghastly deeds spread, darkness threatened to consume him whole.
  • At the brink of losing control of himself, fate gave him another chance to redeem himself, guiding him towards purer aspirations: One of happiness and acceptance.
  • Design: Suzuka Oda / Live2D Modelling: be-quest, INC.
  • He commits to doing a lot of ASMR streams on his channel.

PRISM's pioneer male talents are set to debut on YouTube June 9, starting with Jun at 7:00pm PDT (10:00pm EDT), followed by Yuki at 9:00pm PDT (11:00pm EDT).

The duo was first revealed in what seems to be an "accidental stream" on the agency's official YouTube channel, where the duo was playing Valorant.

  • At the end of the stream, a link was announced, directing viewers to a mini-game which further revealed the voices of the two new agents.
  • The mini-game gave hints of the Prism Polaris lore, including the equipment they have, and Jun's journey to the tiger kingdom where Yuki resides.
  • PRISM held its general audition last year and has reported receiving over 3,000 entries from 20 countries and territories worldwide.

Source: Press Release