Production Kawaii Debuts Generation 3 VTuber Lineup

The talents officially debuted on August 28.

Japan-based English VTuber company Production Kawaii has announced the debut of its third-generation lineup. They are composed of Aletta Sky, Peony Aeria, Sava Safari, Oceane Otoishi, and Miryu Kotofuji.

Production Kawaii released a teaser video of the talents on August 22. The talents officially debuted on August 28.

Peony Aeria

Long ago, the human world and the fairy world were connected. The curious Peony Aeria took it upon herself to secretly learn more about their world and see if she could reunite the two realms.

Too bad that she eventually got caught by Kinoshita and was banished from her home. With the goal to make humans happy and connect them to nature, she has now become a VTuber in his company!

Oceane Otoishi

As a siren, Oceane was expected to follow in the footsteps of her sisters. But after meeting a mermaid friend, Oceane knew she wanted to be one. She sought the help of an alchemist and asked to be transformed into a mermaid.

But first, she has to prove her loyalty by becoming a kind human. With the scroll tucked in her necklace, she gained legs and eventually became a VTuber.

Miryu Kotofuji

Miryu is a young air dragon with a passion for music. Upon hearing about the wonders of human music from a tiny magical friend, she became curious about what life would be like on Earth.

But with 845 years of dragon school to go, it seems that the only way for Miryu to experience the outside world is to become... a VTuber!

Aletta Sky

A bright Pegasus girl who lives among the stars! She has always wanted to connect with the people of Earth through VTubing so she created a door to get there. But she got into trouble pretty quickly after not following the procedure when taking a cute white fluffy dog from the shelter.

Luckily Kinoshita-san found her, not only did he help her out but is also helping her VTubing dreams come true.

Sava Safari

A jungle princess from the mysterious beast clan! Always positive to a fault, she embarks on a quest to befriend the mythical human world- the Chief hoping the impossible task will grant her some maturity. Instead, Sava finds herself trading her leafy jungle for a concrete one!

Equipped with her wild spirit, she hopes to inject some chaotic color into the human world!

Production Kawaii is also composed of first-generation members Reina Sun, Nene Amano, Charlotte Suzu, and Isla Coleman; and second-generation members Namiji Freesia, Shee Icho, and Lua Asuka. Its former talents include Hana Flores, Aruru Gray, and Neena Makurano who was dismissed by the agency for breach of contract.

Banner Photo via YouTube