Production Kawaii Generation 3 Graduates

Agency released statement; remaining talents share what they know: "We felt hurt and betrayed [...]"

All remaining members of Production Kawaii's Generation 3 "Enchantasia" has graduated, the agency has announced April 7 (Friday) on Twitter:

Agency Statement

"The management team and Gen 3 have had a disagreement over the directions of the production, and after multiple discussions and meetings Gen 3 has determined that it remains difficult to continue their VTuber activities in Production Kawaii."

The group has debuted as 5 members on August 28, 2022, more than 7 months ago: Aletta Sky, Miryu Kotofuji, Peony Aeria, and Sava Safari. The 5th one, Oceane Otoishi, was the second to be terminated in the agency's history.

  • YouTube memberships and exclusive contents for each member will be closed on April 30 (Sunday) at 11:59pm Japan time.
  • Following the end of memberships and exclusive content, the channels belonging to each Gen 3 member will be deleted after said date and time.
  • Gen 3 merchandise will still be on sale during the same time period.
  • Regarding donothon rewards for Aletta Sky and Sava Safari, the agency offers refunds to participants, asking them to check their emails for further details.

Enchantasia's Final Messages to Fans

Each of the 4 Enchantasia talents have tweeted their final messages:

  • Peony Aeria: "Dear Dewdrop, Thank you for all the precious moments spent together. I hope they will forever stay in our hearts. And although it's selfish, I hope you will always remember your little fairy Peony fondly 💚 So for a final time - good morning dew, and please always dew well 🌱💧"
  • Miryu Kotofuji: "Thank you for letting me sing for you, thunderlings. And thank you for being here for me every step of the way 💜 I hope the times I sang your favorite song will always be in your memory, and please take care of yourselves. Its been an honour to meet-ryu 🐉🌸"
  • Aletta Sky (with a handwritten letter): "I've never been good with words, but thank you for being the best, most wonderful, most amazing people. Truly from the bottom of my heart I love you so much. Never forget rule number 1, look after yourself thank you for existing and being my sunshine. DAISUKI DAYO 🐎🤍"
  • Sava Safari (with an illustration): "Hello, I apologize for the sudden announcement. These past 8 months have been a whirlwind of fun, I would never ask to undo them. You've given me so much joy and community I can't ever thank you enough. I'm sorry I didn't say it enough, but I love you. Savanyara, one last time!🧡"

Kawaii Talents Respond

A joint statement written and edited by Kawaii talents under Generations 1 and 2 was posted as a 9-minute video on Charlotte Suzu's channel, detailing their understanding of the matter:

In summary: Upon learning that Gen 3 had canceled their scheduled streams altogether to demand for an immediate meeting with management (which by that time was around 3 in the morning Japan time), Gens 1 and 2 was assured that this move was not a protest against the company, and it was not a big deal.

  • Gen 3 "wanted to discuss with management the various concerns they had in regards to some of the plans and projects management have wanted to involve them in."
  • Later on it was mentioned that "Gen 3 raised their concerns about the timing of a possible Kickstarter campaign that would have funded their inclusion Production Kawaii's idol activities, burnout and concerns over the direction of the company."
  • A member of Gen 3 spoke up, saying that "they were all feeling burnt out from streaming, and they weren't feeling positive about the company's future plans."
  • Management proposed different plans and directions for Gen 3, but despite these attempts to ease the talents' worries, they still chose to graduate as a group.
  • As they told Gens 1 and 2 that the matter was nothing to worry about, they "felt hurt and betrayed" and were completely caught off-guard with the decision of their colleagues.
  • "We felt as if the members of Gen 3 were focusing too much on negatives that could be easily resolved with discussion and time [...] Perhaps this was done as a display of Gen 3 unity, but we saw it as a betrayal of Production Kawaii talent unity. [...] They would leave their avatars, their channels, their fans, their senpai (seniors) and Production Kawaii as a whole behind."

On top of this, some of the remaining talents have tweeted regarding the situation:

  • Nene Amano: "[...] The fact that gen 3 have decided to collectively leave Production Kawaii so suddenly despite all of the efforts they have put in, as well as all the trust we placed in them leaves a deep scar in my heart. [...]"
  • Lua Asuka: "It's unfortunate that it had to come to this, and we are very surprised by it as well. [...]"
  • Namiji Freesia: "Please stop joining our company just to decide to leave in a few months. Asking this the first time didn’t seem to get heard. I’m very sorry to the fans left behind."
  • Isla Coleman: "[...] As for us in Gen 1 and Gen 2, we'll be alright and we'll continue to do our best and move forward from this. [...]"