Riot Music Welcomes Chise Itsuki and Shirase Shirakawa

Two new singers join the company's Blitz Wing label, debuts June 24

Brave Group subsidiary Riot Music has announced the debut of two upcoming talents under the brand's Blitz Wing music label—Chise Itsuki and Shirase Shirakawa.

Photo: Riot Music / Brave Group Press Release

As with other Riot Music talents, Chise and Shirase have their own unique causes:

Talented singer and video creator Chise Itsuki sings to “save everyone who hears her songs from the cruelties in their lives.”

  • As a child, Chise was often told that she's tone-deaf, but she did not let this stop her from being competitive as she start taking her singing seriously.
  • Music has transformed her life more and more, and it becomes her driving force. Her entry at Riot Music gave her the opportunity to leave her footprint on the musical landscape.
  • She tries new styles and activities, being influenced by the cutting edge of the scene.
  • As described, verbatim: "She often neglects eating when she’s too absorbed in her creative processes."

Illustrator: Noka · Modeling: Naname · Twitter / YouTube

Self-made writer and artist Shirase Shirakawa hopes “her music softens the harsh memories of her listeners, healing their hearts along the way.”

  • In contrast to Chise, Shirase knew early on that being a singer was the only way for her, as she was recognized well for it when she was young.
  • Her days as a student was spent on working on her voice. She joined Riot Music after graduation from school.
  • While she is nervous, a bit frantic and a lone wolf, she considers her room as a paradise. She loves animals and all things cute.

Illustrator: Momoshiki · Modeling: Kanata Shibau · Twitter / YouTube

Both artists are set to debut this Saturday, June 24 starting at 7pm Japan time.

In addition, they will be featured in the latest VTuber Style magazine coming to bookstores and convenience stores June 28.

Source: Roit Music / Brave Group Press Release