Roza Coatl Departs from Lucid, To Go Indie

According to Lucid, the announcement was made under careful consideration and a mutual agreement between both parties.

US-based VTuber agency Lucid Multimedia has announced that its talent Roza Coatl has parted ways with the agency to become an independent VTuber. The transition takes effect immediately starting June 5 this year.

According to Lucid, the announcement was made under careful consideration and a mutual agreement between both parties. It also added that they hold Roza in the highest regard and greatly appreciate her contributions with the agency.

The agency further explained in the announcement that a key discussion with Roza was about balancing stream conversations with social media interaction. However, according to the agency, Roza chose a different approach, which they wholeheartedly respect.

It should be recalled that Lucid temporarily suspended Roza's online activities after a controversy surrounding the usage of a slur. In its newest statement, Lucid expressed its thoughts about talents expressing their opinions about "sensitive topics" online:

As a wholly self-funded multimedia company, we maintain a stance of neutrality towards the content our VTubers produce, upholding our dedication to providing a platform for unrestricted creative expression. Our aim is to support and protect our talents, enabling them to manifest their vision without fear of retribution.

While we never aspired to dictate the direction of artistic and cultural content, we remain committed to these ideals, recognizing the importance of safeguarding our talents from unwarranted defamation or harassment stemming from individual opinions, regardless of their controversial nature.

In line with this, we value engaging, respectful, and thought-provoking discussions across all platforms, including livestreams and social media like Twitter. We respect each talent's individuality, while understanding the need for a balanced approach to public discussions that preserves the reputation and interests of all talents.

Following the announcement, Roza made a follow-up tweet saying that despite moving forward as an indie, she will still work closely with Lucid on future merch releases.

She also did a stream to explain her side of events, stating at one point that "it is what it is", citing that their differences in ideologies have resulted in her leaving Lucid. She also reiterated that she continues work with the agency for future merch releases.

Roza Coatl was previously a talent under now-defunct VTuber agency Haven-X. Coatl previously announced graduating from the agency in July 2022 due to health concerns. A month later after her graduation, the rest of Haven-X graduated, resulting in the agency dissolving on August 2022.

She transferred to Lucid (formerly known as 4V Live) in August 2022, with the IP transfer from Haven-X to Lucid finally concluding in March this year.