Explained: Sayu Okami’s Nijisanji Dossier After Zaion LanZa Termination

Sayu Okami has released a 22-page dossier detailing Zaion LanZa's experience with Nijisanji following the XSOLEIL member's termination.

Content Warning: This story involves disclosure of internal matters, as well as self harm. Please exercise caution as you read through this piece.

Zaion LanZa was terminated from Nijisanji on March 10—the first for the Japanese VTuber agency’s English branch. The star was previously suspended indefinitely a month before the notice was released.

To say it ignited social media would be an understatement. The reasons Nijisanji gave extended to copyright issues, offensive remarks, false sponsorship claims, and more.

Two months on, Sayu Okami has released a 22-page dossier outlining Zaion’s experience in Nijisanji. The May 6 document rebutted a number of reasons for the XSOLEIL member’s termination, and also shed light on her general experience with the Japanese agency.

The preliminary Twitlonger from Sayu remarked: “Regardless if you knew me or not, I am and always will be, Sayu.

“Today, I wish to tell the story of a girl named Zaion, who has made mistakes, was shamed online, struggled with mental illness, and simply wished to belong somewhere.”

Sayu broke down the statements made by Nijisanji in Zaion’s termination notice one-by-one. She claimed, “some of the allegations written are untrue or uncontextualized which negatively impacted Zaion’s character.” None of the defenses have been verified by third parties.

On Zaion’s behalf, she conceded:

  • Using copyrighted music on a stream without approval (“the first cover song release of one of her genmates”),
  • Making statements that could lead to speculation (liking specific tweets as well as past life activity), and
  • Certain offensive remarks, including liking a tweet defaming other Livers (she "strongly tried to emphasize" it was an accident).

She did refute some of Nijisanji’s claims however, including Zaion “falsely claiming to be sponsored by a brand during a stream” being a joke regarding her ‘Dee’s Nuts’ stream assets.

The dossier included several screenshots from the Nijisanji Slack channel, as well as reported excerpts of Zaion’s cancellation notice sent to her privately ahead of her departure—which she used to defend some of the arguments. NewsDrop has chosen to not reshare these images.

Ahead of the termination, Sayu claimed “Zaion begged for them to consider a more professional approach to future commentary between the two sides.

“To this, NIJISANJI refused, stating they ‘needed to protect their brand.’”

Sayu added through “Zaion’s personal experience” with Nijisanji the XSOLEIL talent felt isolated, and that feeling continues following her termination. She also claimed the agency gave Zaion minimal support following doxxing and harassment attempts.

“I want to ask everyone to put themselves in Zaion’s shoes for a moment in the present. As a content creator who has been doing this full-time for over a year (way before joining Nijisanji), it's hard going about your day, supporting your friends on Twitter multiple times every single day, and reading their content as you used to.

“Then, when the suspensions and termination happen, you’re told you must obey the silencing contract. But, what this results in is suddenly being blocked or unfollowed by several people who you have considered to be your friends or who you've cared deeply for for a long time.”

Sayu went on to describe intricacies of the Nijisanji debut process, including Zaion’s interview with CEO Riku Tazumi about the character she would portray and the expectations of the company.

Sayu mentioned XSOLEIL having a change of managers just before debut with a “2-week-old hire” replacing their previous handler, as well as Zaion having “personally incurred the cost of planning a successful debut.” This included a lore video and other details.

She also spoke of the Nijisanji EN members: “They were incredibly kind, considerate, and immediately included us and made us feel like one of them. I will never forget their kindness and how much effort they put into being there for us, and each other.

“Unfortunately things did change as time went on, but that was not until the very end.”

Sayu leveled a number of other allegations towards Nijisanji following Zaion’s dismissal, including not being able to use her previous Genshin account despite being given permission in the first instance, stating she “felt like [she] was being punished for [her] past success.” Sayu was an official Genshin Impact content creator before graduating as an independent VTuber originally.

She also claimed Zaion’s first suspension across New Year’s was framed as a holiday for optics sake. Zaion petitioned for the original two-week sentence to be 1.5 weeks.

“Because of what happened with a prior graduation in the company, I had already been told by my senpais that oftentimes suspensions would be disguised as ‘breaks’ by the talents. Now, I understand why.”

After this, Sayu stated Zaion tried to “lay low” to “reduce the risk of breaking any more rules.” She was then suspended for the second and final time on February 6.

“There was a lot I enjoyed about being in Nijisanji. There were a lot of people I looked up to, who I liked, who I trusted with all my heart. There were some really fun times.

“But as much as I wanted to stay and with how hard I tried to do something different each time I messed up, I knew I wouldn’t be able to compact my style of entertainment into what they wanted without regrets.

“I feel that I need to say that during my time there, I felt trapped, felt like a failure, and did not feel like staff cared about me as a person (or for my own creative style), as the managers I was forced to work with did not show an effort to understand me beyond the surface of our work relationship.”

Nijisanji is yet to comment on the claims beyond their March 10 termination notice.