Weekly NewsDrop #20—February 11, 2023

The Latest on Nijisanji, Hololive, Agency VTubers and more on this week's NewsDrop.

Here are the three important stories which happened this week:

It's another wild week for VTuber News! But first...

The Latest on NewsDrop

  • This week's NecroNews proves that gaming news shouldn't be too serious, and we give props to Elle, Booster and the Skull for taking us for a wild ride.
  • NewsDrop Spotlight features Vexoria the Sun Eater's successful fundraiser: "I don’t think I really have words for just how generous and wonderful my community has been supporting these fantastic causes. [...]"
  • Unpopular Opinion: "[...] if you’re asked to not play a game because of its problematic roots, maybe you should try to understand why it’s problematic and genuinely hurtful to a community, rather than turn heel and label them bullies."
  • Tokyo Government has announced a new list of tourism ambassadors to be inducted Monday February 13—including Hololive VTubers Mori Calliope, Gawr Gura and Sakura Miko.
  • Boogey Voxx will disband March 6, citing differences in their desired direction of activities.
  • Your favorite VTuber Music Recap returns as MusicDrop, with over 60 songs to add to your library.
  • Also: We watched AGCtv's stream from Fancy Frontier 40 and here's what we saw.
Inside Kawa: Inanaku Muu speaks to Raelice about merch! You're in for a surprise...

The Latest on Nijisanji

The Latest on Hololive

  • Hololive Indonesia members get their Kimono reveal ahead of its hi:BANA weekend
  • YouTube Japan recommends Tokoyami Towa to its Twitter followers.
  • Behind the success of the Tokino Sora fan club "Tokisora King" 3D event is AKA Virtual—"Technologically speaking, this is one of the most advance fully virtual interactive live produced content globally right now, and I encourage all curious to have a look," says AKA's Rémy Busson.
  • Hoshimachi Suisei takes a brief, well-deserved break after her successful appearances on The First Take as well as her solo live Shout in Crisis.
  • Reiny, who is popular on Tiktok, tells fans about Kobo Kanaeru impersonators on the platform—the latest TVS episode has more details.
  • Delivering Hope developer David Wu gives the latest Hololive talent score ranking—Vestia Zeta takes the third-place spot from Hakos Baelz.
  • Good Smile Company's Wonderful Hobby Life for You! (WHL) 36 will have a Hololive stage hosted by Lui Takane and Chloe Sakamata.
  • Hakui Koyori currently has the fastest clear in HoloCure's Time Mode at 11:18.
  • Hololive Production updated its Fan Work Guidelines, adding rules on Fan-Supported Advertising.
  • Gawr Gura returns!

The Latest on Other Agency VTubers

  • WACTOR tells the Spanish-speaking audience that attention will be called to their affiliates for slander and nuisance, urging them to "stop immediately." Fans question the poorly-worded statement in the quote retweets.
  • PRISM Project's Luto Araka extends stream break and is set to return February 20. Meanwhile, the agency asks fans to wish Shiki Miyoshino a speedy recovery as she contracts COVID-19.
  • MyHoloTV Tridoxa's Liola Lightbringer takes a week-long break and is set to return next week.
  • Re:Memories' Elaine Celestia takes a break from February 12 to mid-March.
  • Idol's Rin Penrose ends her donothon with over $22,000 in revenue.
  • Pixela's Hinabe Hongfei spoke to more than 50 students of Thailand's Nakhon Phanom University about the topic "The world of learning will change when teachers become VTubers."
  • Lucid's Roza Coatl got that good jumpscare bait for all of us.
  • Kizuna Ai Inc. launches project Alleles, an XR artist project by 15 people who will appear in the upcoming Kizuna no Allele TV anime.
  • Polygon Project delays the debut of its upcoming talent Tiara Rexa due to her design's resemblance to Hakos Baelz. The agency apologizes for the trouble and promises to redo the character design.
  • EIEN Project owner Moeri goes on an indefinite hiatus as she tends to her company's 4 new talents.
  • Ironmouse will be at the Mr. & Ms. Multiverse pageant on March 4 at The Novo LA, organized by Alpharad and Amouranth.
  • The latest Pumi-Pumi-VEE airs on Tokyo MX in Japan, with Kujo Ringo, Mew Garcia and Anew Uparu doing a watch-along.

In Other News...

  • Illustrator Nabi returns to Korea on March 29, planning to work as an individual streamer.
  • Onigiri, who recently shared her Japan trip to YouTube, won our hearts.
  • DigiKagi released an infographic detailing the VTuber scene in Southeast Asia based on data from VTuber.asia.
  • Twitch Database update: Roles Lookup will no longer be available on February 24, Following List on August 3.
  • Also on Twitch: Users in South Korea will no longer be able to create or upload VOD content.
  • Twitch Chat: "[...] Chat will load the last 50 messages or last hour of chat, whichever is less."
  • Fancy Frontier 40 is well-covered in the media—this is how Taiwan covered VTubers and Cosplayers during the event.
  • The Anime Man Joey Bizinger speaks to Ironmouse: "[...] VTubing fans only care about how the VTuber looks and not their personality."
  • Neuro-sama describes Miyune in historic collab with an AI: "You're a space gremlin from the moon. I'm sure you must be pretty strange too. Maybe we're even stranger than each other."
  • International Anime Music Festival, which was set to host Kizuna Ai's singeroid #kzn, Lilypse and HIMEHINA, postpones its North American tour, making Mexico its first stop.
  • The 1st VRC Movie Award honors the best films made with VRChat.
  • South Africa: AzuraCub shares her experience from last year's StreamerCon, where the blogger/VTuber joined other VTubers Gamagachi and Kaizo Pengu.
  • Merryweather shows his power levels.
  • Softgiving explains its process following a leaked draft shared on Twitter—further disappointing other streamers.
  • Clear Usui is appointed as a Partner for JAXA's H3 rocket launch.
  • AuroraLiveVR is looking for a music-oriented manager.



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