Spotlight: How Luto Araka’s Break Sprung Akuma VTuber Back to Life

PRISM Project's Luto Araka is easing back into streaming after her long hiatus, and it's put a pep in the akuma VTuber's step.

Luto Araka, at her best, is a chaotic ball of energy.

The PRISM Project Gen 2 Agent has been ruling over the (virtual) world ⁠for two years now, and for all that time, has been the prankster of the VTuber agency.

She was inspired by Senzawa and OfflineTV more broadly in her content creation journey, and that much is evident when you watch a Luto stream. She is the embodiment of chaos, jumping between shenanigans with a mischievous laugh.

“I got started because I want to create music and make funny memes! I liked the anonymity of being a VTuber, without showing my face,” she told NewsDrop. “Who doesn’t like watching a cute anime girl on screen do things?”

But there was a time where things started to go south. Between issues outside of VTubing and general creative burnout, Luto was struggling to find that spark she once had.

So, she took an extended break from content creation in December 2022, running all the way through to the end of February. The three months away from the screen was tough for the akuma VTuber, but it was necessary.

With burnout a major concern across the industry, Luto was able to follow some of her own advice and touch some grass. It also let her realign her content goals and come back into the fray refreshed.

“I was scared that my viewership would drop, that people might not come back to watch me—the typical streamer worries after a long break,” she said. “I felt bad for [my] fans that were waiting for my return.

“When I announced my return, the same community was there. The VTuber community is strong. While on break many things have happened to me personally, and it became clear that mental health is important! Touching grass is good.”

That was important because PRISM Project came into 2023 hitting the ground running. Luto now has three new sets of kouhais with the eight various debuts across April and May, and the group is really tapping into all the support of Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

Recently that’s been through things like Shiki Miyoshino’s major record label debut, but also a mega anniversary anthem Luto Araka got a chance to take part in.

It also allowed the group to attend more cons than ever, with Luto herself having two on home soil alone with Crunchyroll Expo AUS 2022 and SMASH! 2023 (Note: this interview was conducted before PRISM’s attendance at SMASH). These have been specific highlights for Luto.

“I have also done many songs at events, recording the PRISM Project 2nd Anniversary Anthem Song, and have participated in many events. Very cool things are happening, [including going to SMASH 2023]. It has been a long time dream of mine to go to SMASH!”

Her CRX experience specifically was a big one. Alongside Sara Nagare, the two Aussies (at the time: Nana Asteria and Kiwi Lana Shikami joined the duo at SMASH 2023) showcased the best of PRISM Project and really tried to push the agency to a new audience.

Dozens ended up showing out, and there was chatter and laughter right after their panel. That reaction was exactly what Luto was hoping for, inspiring her to push further into the events sphere.

“That was the first event that I attended in person,” she continued. “Seeing that room fill up was pretty intimidating but exciting. It feels weird to be on the same stage as people that you look up to but it was a super awesome opportunity for me.”

All these opportunities have been helped by PRISM’s Sony Music Entertainment Japan transition in 2022.

Luto, an aspiring singer and voice actor, is slowly starting to tap into the resources made available through the conglomerate.

“Compared to the early days, there have definitely been more opportunities like being able to attend events across the globe, and more support overall within PRISM Project as a whole to give me the chance to do projects that I want to do!”

And although things have changed in the organizational structure, Luto herself really hasn’t. From her debut two years ago to now, she’s still the same gremlin akuma.

[I] still have the same hatred for capitalism and love for booba,” she laughed. “My content is still virtually the same, but I’m receiving more support from management.

“I get to be authentic as Luto, showing my akuma side without any worries! I can be very seison’t online.”

The Luto after her hiatus is reminiscent of the early days. While she never lost her bundle of chaos, she has regained a sharpness—in her wit, creativity, and more.

That’s spurring her forward in her ultimate goal of world domination, but also some smaller streaming side quests.

She wants to finish all the iconic VTuber suffering titles like Jump King, and get the gold pot in Getting Over It. She also wants to keep spreading the akuma chaos across the globe, but also wants to gain a bigger audience back home in Australia.

“I also want to do a concert, potentially with an original song,” she continued. “Maybe collab with Rick Astley! Some other goals I have are starring in a commercial or an anime, or maybe doing voice acting in an anime or game!”