Sony Music's PRISM Project Releases Anthem "Be the Light" Composed by Teddyloid

The song, marking the group's second year since its launch, brings together its first 4 generations to express their hope for the future and the agency's determination to create a world of virtual talents.

PRISM Project marks its second-year anniversary by releasing an anthem song under Sony Music, composed by Japanese music producer Teddyloid (ME!ME!ME!, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt).

The Virtual YouTuber group established in January 2021 and transitioned to the Sony Music Virtual umbrella in May 2022 had its anthem Be the Light first heard at the end of the agency's trivia panel at SMASH! 2023 in Australia.

The song is performed by PRISM's Generation 1-4: Iku Hoshifuri, Aoi Tokimori, Meno Ibuki, Luto Araka, Rita Kamishiro, Shiki Miyoshino, Nia Suzune, Yura Rikudou, Pina Pengin, Naki Kamizuki, Sara Nagare and Non Anon.

Teddyloid describes the song produced for the group and sung by its Agents:

This is TeddyLoid, and I am the one who produced “Be the light.” It’s a cool song that expresses the idea of moving forward without dwelling on the past. I believe that each member’s individuality shines through in the music, so I hope you enjoy it.

PRISM Project's producer Shogun also gave a heads-up to all of the group's fans:

This is Shogun, the producer of PRISM Project. I believe that this song captures both our hope for the future and our determination to create a world of virtual talents. There are some interesting collaborations and developments with the different voice parts, so I hope you will listen to the song many times!

You can listen to Be the Light on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music or your preferred online music platform.

After the debut of PRISM's three new generations this year—Forecast, Polaris and Cerulea—the VTuber agency from the near future institutes an open audition policy, inviting potential talents to apply any time of the year and be considered on a rolling basis.

Future music releases from PRISM Project include Nana Asteria's CALL UNTO YOU on July 7, and Shiki Miyoshino's Hanahaki Syndrome—her major digital label debut with Sony Music Japan—on July 12.

PRISM will also join other Sony Music Virtual properties VEE and VERSEn at Comic Market 102 on the weekend of August 12 and 13.

Source: Press Release / Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.