V&U Debuts Triple A Club VTubers on March 16

Meet the members of Astro Animal Adventurers, the newest unit under V&U, this Saturday

Korean VTuber agency V&U announced a new set of VTubers who will debut as its 5th generation Triple A Club on Saturday, March 16 (Pacific Time).

VTubers Tomomi Toraya, Rowa Arctos, Ciccino Katterina, Mivi Aivori and Cerenity Cosmic will appear for the first time as members of the club also collectively known as Astro Animal Adventurers.

V&U's press release sent to VTuber NewsDrop describes the new talents as follows:

Triple A Club brings creative and engaging personalities to the virtual entertainment space. Combining advanced motion capture technology and vibrant VTuber models, Triple A Club members will deliver an immersive and interactive experience for fans. Whether it's live streaming, gaming, or entertaining with engaging content, Triple A Club promises to bring joy and excitement to viewers of all ages.

Triple A Club and their Debut Dates

All times for the debut relay indicated below are set to Pacific Time.

  • Publicity chair Cerenity Cosmica (12:00pm) is a chaotic rabbit girl who is described as a hopeless romantic. She is also happy that her club already has an article on the VTuber wiki.
  • Vice president Rowa Arctos (12:30pm) is an 'OK Cool' bear who works diligently to make sure she can hibernate. She has already released a cover of tuki.'s Bansanka『晩餐歌』.
  • Study captain Mivi Aivori (1:00pm) is an intelligent and candy-loving elephant, the curious one of the bunch. The latest info we got was that she's deep into romance books.
  • Club treasurer Cicino Katterina (1:30pm) is a shy meerkat who only wants love and does her best to fit in, fueled by 8 cups of coffee daily. We are aware that she's already released a video for those who can't sleep and feeling down at night.
  • Club president Tomomi Toraya (2:00pm) is an air-headed tiger who was destined to be [a] leader. Recently, she was asked by Mimi how does she type with boxing gloves on.

Triple A Club will raise the number of VTuber under V&U to 19 talents, joining Symphoria, Solstice, Oracle and Hell0 Land. Prior to this, they are already producing several short animations under the V&Universe series.

V&U is under Maro Studio, an animation studio known for its collaborations with entertainment giants such as SM Entertainment.