VTuber Music Recap: First Issue

Welcome to VTuber NewsDrop’s first issue of the VTuber Music Recap. This is a new initiative from yours truly to document some of the latest music initiatives from the VTubing community. We believe that music is one of the talent cornerstones within the community itself, and we believe this initiative will also help VTuber fans be also introduced to the larger music releases within the community: both originals and song covers.

Think of this as a music playlist–only in written form.

Hololive Releasin’ More Tunes

If there is one agency that is consistently pumping out music-related content, it would be VTuber agency giant Hololive. Since NewsDrop was first launched, we have recorded over 20 song projects by members of Hololive from all divisions–Japanese, Indonesian, and English sides.

We start off this list with mentioning first the first-ever album by HOLOSTARS, the Japanese male VTuber unit of Hololive. They have recently released the album “Follow Us”,  composed of five songs, and its accompanying instrumentals.

Next, we now turn to Nekomata Okayu, who has released her very first-album titled “Poisonya Syndrome”, composed of twelve songs. The album is currently ranked 4th in most-downloaded albums this month, according to Billboard Japan.

Special mention: just before Hoshimachi Suisei went on a health-related break, she recently collaborated with Midnight Grand Orchestra to release the single “Moonlightspeed” as part of their brand collaboration with popular Japanese burger chain MOS Burger. Check out the music video here:

Other singles from Hololive members include:

The Originals and Covers of the Wider Community

We start off this list with the official release of “Deja Vu” by Nijisanji’s Uki Violeta across all major streaming platforms. The song was first released on February 27 this year, following their debut. The song tells the lore story of Uki, who bears a psychic lore within the Noctyx lineup.

Meanwhile,  Bao The Whale has released her second original song under her name titled “Citrus Love”, produced by Overspace, The track was released following the debut of her new model. Included in the music release is a swing and bossa nova version of the song.

Speaking of original songs, PRISM Project’s Iku Hoshifuri has just released a new single titled “Artificial”, produced with CitrusP. You can check out the recently-uploaded lyric video below:

Other original music releases within the community include:

  • The EPs “Ego” by Sera Alba and “Reflection” by Kashi Otoha, both talents from Sony Music Entertainment Japan’s VERSEⁿ.
  • Welcome to the Bakery”, the first-ever original song by Philippine VTuber Pan. (So aptly named, by the way)

Meanwhile, we have some song covers your way:

  • AAA’s “Kaze ni Kaoru Natsu no Kioku”, as performed by Tsunderia’s TsunDream unit, composed of  Chikafuji Lisa, Uzuki Tomoya, Tetsuya Kazune, Tsurugi Nen and Amiya Aranha.
  • An English version of “TRuE”, the new theme song of Honkai Impact 3rd, as sung by the Multiverse Monarch. The cover was released as part of a brand collaboration.
  • A slew of song covers have been released from Production Kawaii’s side: n-buna’s “Dawn and Firefly” covered by Lua Asuka, Hades’ “Good Riddance” covered by Namiji Freesia, and METRIC’s “LOST KITTEN” and Yuuri’s “Dry Flower” covered by Isla Coleman.
  • MyHoloTV’s HØRI 07 released a cover of Ado’s “Tot Musica”, which is one of the theme songs of the recent One Piece Film Red movie.

You have finally reached the end of our first ever VTuber Music Recap, and we hope to inform fans of the latest music releases within the wider community. See you all next time.

Featured Image: IRyS, Uki Violeta, Sera Alba