Yuna Sunaga Leaves 4V Live, Goes Indie

Her transition as an independent VTuber is already in effect—she promises to "shake the VTuber scene up"

VTuber agency 4V Live announced the departure of its talent Yuna Sunaga as of Saturday, September 3. She will continue her career as an independent VTuber. The announcement posted on Twitter states the departure was decided after discussing with both parties.

In a letter to her fans, she is grateful to the agency for providing the experience she had. She decided to leave 4V Live as she invests further into her VTubing career. Following the departure, she will be going on a short break to focus on her upcoming projects.

Prior to her letter, she clarifies that she is not graduating or rebranding—she commits to move ahead and "shake the VTuber scene up":

Yuna describes herself as a Lesser Dragon princess from the land of Tera. She was part of 4V Live's "4Vnus" batch, of which Boomi Mamana and Neiomi Cielo remain as members.

Banner Photo from YouTube