Brave Group's VSPO! Opens Auditions for English, Chinese Branches

This marks the first time VSPO! is expanding its presence overseas.

VSPO!, the esports-centric VTuber arm of Brave Group, has announced that it is opening up new auditions for its English and Chinese branches. This is latest overseas expansion endeavor from Brave Group, which saw a significant number of overseas branch openings this year.

The new auditions were announced at the ongoing Comiket 102 in Tokyo. Audition pages for the English and Chinese waves are now open. You can also check out a promotional video for the announcement below:

The new Brave Group auditions comes months after it announced its expansion to Europe with the subsidiary Brave Group Europe and the launch of the VTuber project Globie. Moreover, it also comes a month after Brave Group also announced its expansion to North America and the launch of its VTuber project V4Mirai, consisted of talents Abi Kadabura and Serina Maiko.

The company previously raised ¥300 million in funding (~US$2.33 million) from Hong Kong-based venture company Animoca Brands earlier this year. Said funding will strengthen Brave Group’s Web3 initiatives, further grow the company’s multiple businesses in the metaverse space and accelerate global expansion.

It is also worth noting that Brave Group also recently bared plans for three new domestic VTuber projects: Vlash, Uniraid, and HareVare; all of which are handles by the group company's new subsidiary ENILIS.

VSPO!, which stands for Virtual eSports Project, is Brave Group's esports-centric VTuber project and one of the top VTuber groups in Japan. VSPO! was recently tapped by the VALORANT Masters Tokyo 2023 esports tournament as its support ambassadors back in June this year.

Source: Brave Group Press Release