Brave Group's ENILIS Lays Out Plan for Future VTuber Projects

The new project concepts are on top of Brave Group's continued expansion overseas of its VTuber endeavors.

ENILIS, a new subsidiary of Brave Group, has laid out plans for its trifecta of VTuber projects which will be formally released this year. They include Vlash, Uniraid, and HareVare. ENILIS was founded by Brave Group in April this year as a new entertainment subsidiary of the company.

The current project with a concrete objective at the moment is HareVare, a new multi-gender VTuber unit which debuted on July 1. At the moment, all of its 16 VTubers are doing their activities on the Japanese VTuber-oriented livestreaming application IRIAM.

Meanwhile, the two new projects: Vlash and Uniraid, have specific objectives and target content for audiences. According to the press release, Vlash will focus on doing a mix of virtual and real-life content to bring out the best of the talent's capabilities. Meanwhile, Uniraid will utilize an isekai VTuber concept, set to materialize as a highly unique group of performers each bringing audiences into their own world.

The new projects from Brave Group comes weeks after it announced its expansion to Europe with the subsidiary Brave Group Europe and the launch of the VTuber project Globie. Moreover, it also comes a month after Brave Group also announced its expansion to North America and the launch of its VTuber project V4Mirai, consisted of talents Abi Kadabura and Serina Maiko.

The company previously raised ¥300 million in funding (~US$2.33 million) from Hong Kong-based venture company Animoca Brands earlier this year. Said funding will strengthen Brave Group’s Web3 initiatives, further grow the company’s multiple businesses in the metaverse space and accelerate global expansion.

Source: Brave Group Press Release