Pomu Rainpuff, NIJISANJI EN Star, to Graduate January 20

Pioneer NIJISANJI EN VTuber recognized by agency for her cuteness and passion for otaku contents.

NIJISANJI EN has announced the graduation of LazuLight's Pomu Rainpuff on Saturday, January 20, Japan time.

In a shocking announcement Friday, January 5, one of the pioneers of NIJISANJI EN have been recognized for taking the lead and pushing the NIJISANJI brand forward.

"For over two years, her cuteness and passion for otaku contents attracted and pomuficated fans from all over the world," the agency said.

"We wish her the best on her next journey, and we cannot thank her enough for all her hard work and achievements as a NIJISANJI liver."

What Happens Next?

  • After January 20, Pomu Rainpuff will cease activities, with her Twitter/X account to be made private. Sales of her merchandise be stopped gradually.
  • Fan letters will still be accepted until February 20, 2024.
  • LazuLight, the first NIJISANJI EN group debuted in May 2021, will continue with Elira Pendora and Finana Ryugu as its members.
  • Pomu, in her live stream following the announcement, clarified that the videos on demand will stay after her graduation.

Pomu Rainpuff's Legacy

Throughout her two-year career at NIJISANJI EN, Pomu Rainpuff has achieved several milestones, some of which are included below.

  • Being heavily familiar with idol culture, she was the one who introduced a MIX (series of chants) for LazuLight's debut song Diamond City Lights.
  • Her wholesome collaboration with hololive English talent Takanashi Kiara is among the first collaborations between a NijiEN and a holoEN member.
  • Pomu, alongside other LazuLight members Elira and Finana, as well as Hana Macchia, were among the ones to have their 3D model debut announced in time for NIJISANJI Festival 2022.
  • LazuLight's cover of NIJISANJI anthem Virtual to Live had a standee of the three members - including Pomu - sent to space.
  • Her 3D debut showcase stream received a peak viewership of around 34,000 according to VStats.
  • She led 26 NIJISANJI EN members in a group cover of Goose House's Oto no naru hou e.