Pomu Rainpuff Brings Nijisanji EN “Together Again” With New Group Cover

Nijisanji EN have graced fans with a special whole-group cover of a Goose House classic, with Pomu Rainpuff leading the charge.

2023 hasn’t been all smooth sailing for NIJISANJI EN and their Livers.

The group has been through thick and thin together since the graduation of Yugo Asuma in December 2022, including two further departures and the indefinite delay of their first concert, Colors.

The fairy of Lazulight, Pomu Rainpuff, saw that and wanted to lift the spirits of Nijisanji EN. So, she brought together 26 other members of the group—anyone who was available—for a wholesome group cover of Goose House’s Oto no naru hou e.

It debuted on July 12 as part of Pomu’s birthday celebrations.

Pomu was joined by 18 of the other Nijisanji EN VTubers to watch the debut of the cover during her birthday stream. It was full of screams of joy—the loudest of which were saved for Pomu herself as well as the recently departed Nina Kosaka who took part in the cover.

“I came up with the idea like a month and a half ago,” she elaborated after the watchalong. “We were all doing stuff just yesterday. Jairus was doing stuff to the instrumental yesterday and Vesen was still mixing. We were just doing everything so crazy last minute.

“I was waiting for everyone’s lines and the art and everything, but it all turned out so perfect.”

Pomu has long been part of the glue that keeps Nijisanji EN strong as an entire cohort, not just eight separate groups. She’s always taken part and helped run some of the major collabs like Wrestlesanji.

A big project like this, especially after a few months of bad news, was made to bring everyone closer together.

“I tagged everyone on Discord and was like ‘I want to do this cover.’

“I feel that maybe EN has gone through some rough patches this year and I wanted to put something out that maybe would bring back a sense of everyone coming together and doing something together again.

“That’s why I was really adamant and like ‘please, even if you’re not a confident singer.’ I didn’t want anyone to feel self-conscious or anything because it was such a big group. It was my first-time dividing lyrics with such a big group too and hopefully I did okay.”

She missed some lines when dividing the lyrics and took it upon herself to record those lines so as to not bother anybody.

The song choice in itself was important for Pomu. The uplifting Goose House classic is “the song [she] goes to first” to flip her mood. And doing it alongside nearly all of Nijisanji EN, in a cover, adds a special meaning.

Sadly a few members couldn’t participate. The recently debuted Krisis trio of Yu Q. Wilson, Vantacrow Bringer, and Vezalius Bandage didn’t feature. Alban Knox was sick (so too Scarle Yonaguni, who featured in the video with no vocal parts), while Hex Haywire also was busy.

But Pomu doesn’t want people to hound them for it. It was a short turnaround cover, and it still brought everyone together—even if not everyone features in the video.

“For the people who didn’t sign up, don’t ask them. Everyone was really busy. I don’t want you guys to be like ‘why weren’t you in the cover?’ Everyone had their own reasons if they couldn’t join and that’s totally okay.

“Even Nina, I was missing a line from her and up to yesterday I was like ‘Nina please!’ We had to substitute it in the end but that’s okay.

“I wanted to get as many people as possible. I wanted to bring everyone together again and this was the only way I feel like I could. Not just for us the Livers but you guys, I wanted you to feel inspired.

“Everybody worked really hard on it, so thank you everybody.”

The rest of Pomu’s birthday shenanigans included plenty of guest call-ins including Hololive’s Takanashi Kiara and the aforementioned Nina Kosaka (in a pre-recorded video). A decent number of Livers also turned out for some Goose Goose Duck before the big song premiere.