V4Mirai Concert at Anime Los Angeles 2024 on January 6

All of V4Mirai's VTuber talents—plus VShojo's Ironmouse and kson—will be performing on stage!

V4Mirai from Brave Group US will host its first live concert experience at Anime Los Angeles on January 6, 2024 from 6:00pm PST. Attendees of Anime Los Angeles can watch the two-hour concert at no additional cost. This concert will also be available on pay-per-view via VStream afterwards.

All of V4Mirai's members (Crystalis) Abi Kadabura, Serina Maiko, (Petalight) Biscotti, Kou Mariya, Mono Monet and Yae Yugiri will be present. The concert will also have VShojo's Ironmouse and kson as guest performers.

Merchandise to mark the milestone will also be available at the V4Mirai and Senpai Squad booths as well as during the concert.

In addition, V4Mirai will be hosting a panel discussion at the Workshops area on the evening of Thursday, January 4 to give a peek into the activities of agency VTubing.

V4Mirai launched June 10, 2023 as part of Brave Group's expanding portfolio outside of the Japanese market. Its sister divisions include Globie (Brave Group Europe), VSPO!, Riot Music, and HIMEHINA.

VTuber NewsDrop will be on the ground to capture moments from Anime Los Angeles 19. See you there!