VShojo Announce Second Original VTuber, Henya The Genius

Henya The Genius is VShojo's newest VTuber and yet another original debut, following on from Amemiya Nazuna in 2022.

VShojo is debuting their second original VTuber, Henya The Genius, on May 13 (May 14 Japan Time).

After the agency successfully debuted Amemiya Nazuna from scratch in July 2022 as part of VShojo’s Japan expansion, they settled back into hiring existing top indies to round out the year with Haruka Karibu’s addition.

Henya is a second shot at making original character launches work for the US-based VTuber agency⁠—although it’s unclear if she will be part of the Japanese or English-speaking branch predominantly.

The #IQ999 VTuber was teased across a series of animated videos over the last week. Her lore is intertwined with Zentreya, with the existing VShojo member appearing prominently in the final episode.

Her Twitter launched with much fanfare over one word: “BOOBS!”

Henya’s debut for VShojo comes after the agency lost three members across April. Silvervale and Vei announced their decision to not renew their contracts on April 26, with Nyanners following them on April 30.

All three members cited financial reasons for leaving the agency.

Vei and Nyanners have since moved on to Mythic Talent for representation, while Silvervale remains unaffiliated.