VTubers Take Over Streamys 2023 As Ironmouse, Filian Lead Nominations

Six VTubers have been nominated in the Streamys 2023 across four categories, the most in the award's history.

VTubers have been nominated for four separate categories for the first time in Streamys history, with 2023’s shortlist on July 24 highlighting six of the medium’s best.

Streamys’ VTubing shortlist faced criticism in 2022 for overwhelmingly favoring VShojo, but this year’s nominations are much more balanced across agency and independent talents.

Hololive’s Gawr Gura, for one, has been nominated for her first award in the Best VTuber category. The shark star, who was the first VTuber to crest four million subscribers on YouTube, might have had a quiet year in the streaming spotlight, but has been racking up promo appearances left and right.

She’s flanked by Ironmouse, who won Best VTuber at The Streamer Awards earlier in the year. The VShojo star has also been nominated for Streamer of the Year, becoming the first English-speaking VTuber at any award show.

Filian is arguably the surprise entry of the lot, also getting two nominations. She’s not just nominated for Best VTuber but Breakout Streamer, emblematic of her rapid growth to two million YouTube subscribers.

JaidenAnimation, who debuted as a VTuber late in 2022, scooped up two nominations too. Her second was in Best Animated Content. Shoto is the sole male VTuber nominated at the Streamys 2023, getting a nod for Best VTuber.

And last but not least is Shylily, who is joining Filian as a nominee in the Breakout Streamer category. Across 2022 she went from 10,000 followers to more than a million on Twitch.

The Streamy Awards is arguably the biggest night of nights in the influencer world, often attended by the cream of the content creation crop.

The Streamys 2023 show is set to run on August 27.