Brave Group Continues Overseas Expansion With Bangkok, Shenzhen Offices

The new offices are part of the company's goals following its recent ¥1.99B funding injection earlier this year.

Japanese holding company Brave Group continues to expand its presence overseas by establishing new offices in Bangkok, Thailand and Shenzhen, China as part of establishing Brave Group subsidiaries in the Asia-Pacific and China. The new offices are part of the company's goals following its recent ¥1.99B funding injection earlier this year.

Brave Group Raises ¥1.99B in Funding; Aims to Expand Operations
In total, Brave Group has raised ¥5.03B in funding (~US$34.6m).

Both the Bangkok and Shenzhen offices will be led by Jun Funabashi, who also concurrently serves as a director for RIOT Music and Brave Group's metaverse subsidiary MetaLab. Moreover, he also currently serves as the CEO of LaRa Inc., the operating company handling HIMEHINA which was recently acquired by Brave Group last month.

This year, we have taken a very aggressive global expansion by establishing offices in the UK, the US, Thailand, and China. We believe that it is meaningless to just establish a company or a business and do nothing, so we will take action and do our best to embody our vision “A Symphony of Innovations, Pioneering a Brighter Tomorrow.”

According to Brave Group, in addition to English-speaking and European countries, they will start focusing more on business development in the Asian region. It is worth noting as well that these expansions are also in line with the group's plans to bring Vspo! to English and Chinese-speaking audiences.

The new expansions come recently after Brave Group announced a massive rebrand effort, including a renewed corporate identity and purpose centered around their intent to aim for the very top of the industry, to become a pioneer, and leading the industry forward in hopes to evoke imagery of a standard-bearer, announcing an abundant prosperity.

Other notable milestones by the company include overseas expansions such as the expansion to Europe with the subsidiary Brave Group Europe and the launch of the VTuber project Globie, which recently debuted its first generationas well as its expansion to North America and the launch of its VTuber project V4Mirai, consisting of talents Abi Kadabura, Serina Maiko, Yae Yugiri, Mono Monet, Biscotti and Kou Mariya.

It is also worth noting that Brave Group also launched three new domestic VTuber projects in Japan: VlashUniraid, and HareVare; all of which are handles by the group company's new subsidiary ENILIS.

Source: Official Press Release